“I’ll tell you this about the Oscars – they’re real.”

Oh yes, you didn’t think I was going to start a film review blog around literally THE most pivotal time of the year for film, and not mention the Oscars? Don’t be ridiculous.

In fact it’s the Oscars season where a film fan like myself truly comes to life. Winter may not be over yet, but I sure as hell am coming out of award season hibernation now. Anyone who knows me will know that I live for the Oscars, and pretty much after December, I will talk of nothing else but the Oscars,  and that once a year I will pull off the insane task that is staying up until 5am to watch it, given that I live in the UK. But in those hours, where it’s dead in the night, I am alive.

Only recently have I decided to up my Oscars game, and enhance the experience by making sure I’ve seen all the Best Picture nominated films, so ultimately, on this blog that’s where I’ll start. Of course this doesn’t exclude the amazing films nominated that weren’t for best picture, but I guess choosing one category makes it a little easier to start off with.

So in case you didn’t memorise word for word the Best Picture nominees the second it was released like I certainly, definitely did not, here’s the list of our lucky, lucky films:





hacksaw1Hacksaw Ridge


thumb_2037_media_image_1144x724Hell or High Water


hf-gallery-02-gallery-imageHidden Figures


LLL d 29 _5194.NEFLa La Land




manchesterbythesea_1Manchester By The Sea




And with that, I guess I’ll get started on reviewing these films! It’s a good, good year for the Academy Awards, with so many amazing films nominated, and it’s amazing to see such a diverse mix of people nominated as well. 2017 might be the best Oscars of my lifetime yet.


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